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Seraphinite Cabochon Silver Bracelet

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🤩This bracelet is my absolute favorite - so it may wind up in my personal collection if it doesn't sell! Seraphinite bracelet with peridot accents and is solid silver. 💚Seraphinite is named after the the Serapahim angels because their wings seem to appear in the stone. Since it carries angelic and divine energies, it is believed to aid in communication with angels, spirit guides, and other divine beings. Meditate or pray with this energy for guidance, wisdom, and support from the spiritual realm. 💎Wearing Seraphinite can help cleanse and purify one's energy field, removing any blockages and promoting a sense of clarity and vitality. It can also assist in grounding and connecting with the earth's energies. ✅It is important to note that the magical properties and effects of Seraphinite may vary from person to person. It is always recommended to trust your intuition and personal experiences when working with any crystal or stone. Do not use in place of medical advice. #Peridot #Seraphinite 


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